First game creating

I’m describing my first game creating step-by-step.

Game theme and engine choose

My plan is to limit game creation for one month. I think, deadline is a motivation thing. So my game will be easy and engine must be easy too. In my plan is to write a blog post every day to keep myself in focus.

Engine will be a Game Maker Studio 2 Unity 2018.1 + 2D Gamekit

Why not Game Maker? I can’t install it, btw:

It happens after login inside Studio. I can’t solve this problem, so I decide to use more powerfull and cool Unity. It would be better for future, I think.

The game will be a sidescroller or platformer let’s see(I’ll search at this game idea twitter for some interestnig stuff) . I’ll take a Unity course of 2D Rogulike tutorial. So today I’m going to setup all this stuff and dive into first lesson of course.

Stay tuned!

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Hello World

My name is Salvador Tali and I want to introduce you my first steps in self game creating.

I work as UX/UI Designer in a big game company, that create mobile games. I’m a pro at User interfaces and User experience. But I never created any own games, and I want to do that and describe the process.

I watched ExtraCredits video about first game creation and became a super motivated to create some stuff within a month. Can I do that? I don’t know, let’s see.

Stay Tuned!

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